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Zelph Stone Publishing was founded by Josh Anderson – researcher, archeologist, translator, seer, adventurer, and overall seeker of truth. He is a practitioner of stone based knowledge, or knowledge gained via a seer-stone. His work began after receiving his seer-stone from Zelph, the legendary white Indian warrior. Through the power of his seer-stone, Josh Anderson and his team at Zelph Stone Publishing have uncovered hidden treasures, translated documents written in unknown languages, and revealed true stories of ancient cultures. His first translation was The Book of Zelph, the true story of America’s first settlers. His seer stone continues to reveal new and interesting truths. What was heretofore hidden from the modern world shall be revealed.

What is Stone Based Knowledge?

You probably have a lot of questions about stone based knowledge. Questions such as:

What can I use it for?

Is stone based knowledge reliable?

Why would anyone use stone based knowledge?

What is stone based knowledge?

It may sound confusing, but it actually isn’t. In simple terms stone based knowledge is the best and most reliable way to discover things, and it differs from traditional knowledge in a number of important ways.

The Old Way

Traditional knowledge is hampered by human error and weakness. For example, the human eye cannot see beneath the surface of the earth. It cannot see activities in faraway lands. The human brain cannot translate unknown languages, or accurately predict events that will happen in the future. Books are confusing to read, and are written by men with an agenda. Because of these limitations, traditional scientists and researchers must randomly dig in areas and hope to find interesting artifacts. When ancient documents are discovered bearing curious and unknown writing, linguists must guess at what the writing means. People who predict the future can only guess without really knowing what will happen.

What To Believe?

Unfortunately, these limitations create inaccurate results causing frustration and confusion for researchers. So what are people supposed to believe? Fortunately, there is a better way.

The modern methods used by so-called translators, researchers, and scientists are really dumb. There is no substitute for a seer stone.


The Better Way

A seer stone is a powerful and versatile tool for researchers. With the aid of a seer stone, a researcher can see through obstacles and into far away places. He or she can use the stone to solve complex equations or translate unknown languages into plain English. It’s like a computer, but even better. Just as a computer can beam live images from faraway places into our homes, and can translate ones and zeroes into understandable text and images, a seer stone can see and understand things beyond natural human abilities. A seer stone will bring instant results to those who know how to use it correctly.

Top 10 things a seer stone can do

1. Find things that are buried in the ground.

2. See events that will happen in the future.

3. See events occurring in other parts of the world

4. See through women’s clothing.

5. Translate any language to English.

6. Place curses on your enemies. (Although there is no scientific evidence for this, some have claimed it works.)

7. TBD

8. TBD

9. TBD

10. TBD

How Does a Seer Stone Work?

The traditional way to use a seer stone involves placing it in a hat and then looking into the hat to see what is revealed. During the translation of The Book of Zelph, Josh Anderson used a Yankees baseball cap, but he has since tested other types of hats and they work just as well. He also tested simply cupping it in his hands while peering through the cracks between his fingers, and that also worked. Another test involved placing it in a dark closet and then opening the door slightly while asking questions through the door and peeking through the crack. While that seemed to work, the stone was too far away to make out what it said.

Historical Examples of Seer Stones

Since the beginning of time humans have harnassed the power of stones. In ancient times wizards and sorcerers used crystal balls and other types of enchanted stones to see things that were invisible to the naked eye. This practice continued with fortune tellers using crystal balls to see into the future, and healers harnassing the power of crystals to cure disease. 
Ancient wizard using a stone
In recent history, people known as ‘seers’ used stones to find things buried beneath the Earth, or hidden far away. These stones were known as seer stones. These seers also used seer stones to translate unknown languages and discern hidden truths. In the early 1800s, several seers lived and worked in Palmyra, New York. These seers were hired primarily to locate buried treasure left by pirates and Native Americans centuries earlier. The most famous seer among them was Sally Chase, who used her green seer stone to conjure visions, find buried treasure, and locate lost objects. A neighbor named Joseph Smith was allowed to use Sally Chase’s stone to locate his own seer stone which he saw 150 miles away.
Sally Chase
Sally Chase used her green seer-stone to do a bunch of things
After learning about the power of seer stones from Sally Chase, Joseph Smith obtained multiple seer stones and used them to find buried treasure by placing them in a hat and looking at it while it was in the hat. While no buried treasure was actually found, those who hired Joseph Smith testified that his seer stone worked. One of his customers was a wealthy man named Josiah Stowell. He said Joseph Smith used his seer stone to show him where money was buried. “The money was there, but we did not quite get to it,” Stowell testified when asked if Joseph Smith’s seer stone worked. When asked how he knew the money was there he said, “Smith said it was.” Smith later used this same seer-stone to translate gold plates he found buried in the ground into the Book of Mormon, which has over 500 pages!! 
How Joseph Smith Translated the book of mormon
Joseph Smith used his seer-stone to find buried treasure and translate ancient plates into a book, and he probably used it for other things too.
In 2004, Josh Anderson used his seer-stone to translate ancient leather plates into the Book of Zelph. The Book of Mormon and The Book of Zelph were translated at different times and by different translators, but they both tell the same story about the same group of people who settled America. What are the odds that both books were made up but tell basically the same story about the first settlers of the New World. The only explanation is that both seer stones worked!!
Seer Stone translation
Josh Anderson used his seer-stone to translate ancient leather plates into The Book of Zelph.


Just as ancient wizards and fortune tellers used crystal balls for knowledge, and just as Sally Chase, Joseph Smith, and Josh Anderson used seer stones to find buried treasures and translate ancient books, modern intellectuals, scientists, and historians can tap into the power of rocks to learn all kinds of interesting things. Why has this practice been abandoned in modern times? It is human folly to trust in our own minds or the theories of so-called intellectuals. The tried and true ancient practice of using seer-stones is as trustworthy today as it has ever been.

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