Struggling With Internet Porn? Our Tech Support Guy Can Help

While the global pandemic is forcing us to stay in our homes with nothing to do but consume online content, it is more important than ever that the content we consume works as expected. Many of my followers have confided in me that they struggle with pornography websites. Nothing is more frustrating than buggy, unresponsive websites. And this frustration is further amplified when you desperately need to jerk off.

The Fourteen Fundamentals in Following Josh Anderson

As someone who believes everything Josh Anderson says without question, people tend to ask me questions about him. Perhaps the most frequently asked question is, “John, what are the fundamentals in following Josh Anderson?” After much thought, and after consulting with Josh Anderson on what to write, I have come up with a list of things. These things are called fundamentals.

The Mantel is Far, Far Greater in Price Than My Intellect Thought it Would Be

Merry Christmas, everyone. As we all know, the Christmas season is about buying things for other people. Sometimes the things people want for Christmas are more expensive than we think. For example, my wife wants a mantel for the fireplace.

The True Meaning of Halloween

The Halloween season is upon us and I like to celebrate this time of year by taking time to ponder the true meaning of the holiday. Like most people, I enjoy participating in fun Halloween festivities, such as trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and watching scary movies. But we should also take time to read The Book of Zelph and ponder its message.

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