The Seer Stone Predicts the Winner of the Election

Who will win? Biden or Trump? Through the power of the seer stone, Josh Anderson has learned who will win the 2020 presidential election. According to the stone, Joe Biden will win. However, the stone cannot prevent free agency. Therefore, if a lot of Trump voters show up at the polls, they can thwart this […]

Wordwide Fast Devastates Economy

Just as Josh Anderson predicted, the US economy took a hit after April 10th’s worldwide fast. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 701 points since the fast started. According to financial experts, the sudden drop in food consumption on April 10th caused household grocery inventories to spike, decreasing demand for new groceries. Long before […]

A Special Message From Josh Anderson Regarding COVID-19

As everyone knows, the #1 priority at Zelph Stone Publishing is the health and safety of our readers. That is why our leader, Josh Anderson, has issued the following statement: To our customers, We at [insert company name] have always prioritized the safety of our customers, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. […]

I Set The Trap. He Took The Bait. (Part 2) Truth Prevails!

In part 1 of my riveting story about forcing the scientist to admit he proved the Book of Zelph is true, I explained how I got the scientist to agree to meet with me. I will now reveal how this meeting was actually a trap to force the scientist to admit the truth. The scientist […]

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