Thanks to all of the eagle-eyed followers who alerted me to the fact that Linda was mocking me. My followers are the smartest people in the world and I love you all.

The bottom line is I am no longer able to reach the scientist. My phone calls and emails are ignored. Neither the scientist nor Linda will answer any of my calls or respond to my emails. This is what happens when you have the truth and are a threat to the establishment.

Perhaps the scientist is also mocking me. Or maybe it’s just Linda and her friends. Regardless, let not these events damage your testimony in the Book of Zelph but instead strengthen it. I promise you and bear witness to you that the scientist confirmed to me over the phone that the Book of Zelph characters are authentic. He is clearly backpedalling because of pressure from Linda and others.

Perhaps I should not have told him about the supernatural means in which the plates were found and translated. Nevertheless, we have his original statement and it will stand forever.

Becky knows where his office is. I have devized a plan where I shall travel to his office to find out what is going on with his research into the authenticity of The Book of Zelph. I expect him to do the right thing and admit the truth, but if he does not, I have laid a trap for him. I won’t reveal my plan now, but I will update you after the meeting. Either the scientist will confess or the trap I lay will reveal the truth. At the very least, I would like to get back the piece of the leather plates I gave him so I can tape it back into the original bound leather plates.

As for Linda, she sucks sloppy donkey balls. If I wanted to, I could issue a curse on her through my stone, but I choose not to. I will take the high road. However, I did ask the stone to reveal what Linda looks like, and this is what it revealed. You be the judge.


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