I Set The Trap. He Took The Bait. (Part 2) Truth Prevails!

In part 1 of my riveting story about forcing the scientist to admit he proved the Book of Zelph is true, I explained how I got the scientist to agree to meet with me. I will now reveal how this meeting was actually a trap to force the scientist to admit the truth.

The scientist agreed to meet me in an abandoned warehouse after his shift at the pharmacy ended. He was waiting for me when I arrived, standing near the trunk of his car, holding a duffel bag in one hand.

I parked about 50 feet away, got out, and retrieved my own duffel bag from the back seat. We walked towards each other, meeting about midway between our vehicles. He looked me over and then patted me down to ensure I wasn’t wearing a wire.

The following is my recollection of how the meeting went. The quoted dialog may not match exactly what was said, but it is basically accurate.

“Okay, so show me how this magic rock works,” the scientist snarked.

“Not until I know my documents are safe,” I replied.

He unzipped his duffle bag and turned it over, dumping the contents on the ground. “You can dig through it, but I guarantee all your crap is there.”

I quickly scanned the contents. “I trust you.”

I laid my duffel bag on the ground beside me, unzipped it, and pulled out the baseball cap. I laid it in front of me, next to the pile of documents, with the open end facing up. I then retrieved the rock and placed it inside the baseball cap before sitting down with my legs crossed.

“Please, sit,” I said.

He sighed and rolled his eyes before sitting across from me. The pile of documents, stone, and hat sat between us.

“I will place this seer-stone in the hat and then place my face in the hat to block the light,” I explained. “As I direct the power of the stone at the pile of documents, the stone will emanate words in front of my face, and I will speak them as they appear. You write down what I say. These words are the English translation of the documents.”

He started laughing.

“If you are truly a man of science, you will have faith in the stone.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever you say. Let’s get this over with.”

I dropped the seer-stone in the hat, placed my face in the hat, and began reading the words that appeared. He began to transcribed the words as I spoke, just as I instructed. Everything was going according to plan!

These are the words that were revealed by the power of the stone:

I know the documents that were given to me by Josh Anderson are genuine ancient Indian artifacts based on my scientific analysis, but I told people they are not genuine because of peer-pressure from the mainstream scientific community. I wish I could be a man and publicly declare the things I know to be true, but I am too much of a pussy and it makes me ashamed of myself. Why am I such a weak little bitch? Why can’t I be brave and awesome like Josh Anderson?

“What is this?” the scientist shouted. “What are you talking about?”

I pulled my head out of the hat, chuckled, and said, “I got you. You just admitted it”

“Admitted what?”

“Behold, this seer stone wasn’t translating the pile of documents between us. I tricked you. Instead of directing the stone’s power at the documents, I directed it at your head. The stone can translate any language into English. It has the power to see the brain activity behind your skull and translate those brain waves into English. In other words, it just read your mind.”

He stared at me in disbelief. “How are you doing this?”

“This seer-stone is more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” I replied.

He stared down at my hat and trembled in fear of the stone it contained.

“I order you to hand over the transcription of your brain waves,” I demanded. “That transcription belongs to me now.”

He looked down at the words he transcribed. The paper vibrated in his trembling hand. He looked up defiantly and then tore the paper up.

“I only wrote the first three words anyway,” he said as he threw the torn pieces of paper at me. He then turned and ran to his car.

I started walking towards him. He fumbled for his keys, trying desperately to unlock his car door before I reached him. He started running toward him, but he was able to throw himself inside and lock the car door in time as my hand slapped against the driver’s side window in vain.  

The car engine roared to life. He flipped me the bird and raced out of the warehouse defeated. 

Another victory for truth!

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