New curious ancient document that fell into our hands

A newly discovered document has come into our possession through the most amazing means imaginable. After picking up his girlfriend Becky, who was stranded at a dumpy motel, Josh Anderson discovered this curious document and was miraculously able to purchase it. Skeptics will say it was just dumb luck, but too many unusual things needed to happen at the right time for Josh to be in position to discover and purchase this priceless artifact.

Here is the list of the 10 “coincidences” that needed to happen in the correct order:
1. While driving around at night, Becky’s car needed to break down near a specific motel.
2. Becky’s phone battery needed to die so that she couldn’t call Josh until the next morning, requiring her to stay the night in the motel.
3. When Josh arrived to pick her up, Becky needed to realize she lost a wad of cash that she was carrying in her bra.
4. Becky needed to find a mysterious man in the parking lot and ask him if he knew where she put her money, and this guy has to just happen to suggest she might have dropped it in the back alley.
5. While looking for Becky’s cash in the back alley, Josh needed to notice some loose papers strewn around a dumpster.
6. Josh needed to decide to take a closer look at the papers, allowing him to discover they were part of a priceless ancient book that someone discarded.
7. After gathering the papers and the rest of the book from the dumpster, the mysterious man from the parking lot, who had assisted Becky and Josh in their back alley search, needed to announce he was the owner of the book and was willing to sell it to Josh for $500.
8. After offering to sell Josh the book, the guy has to suggest that maybe Becky put her cash in her thong strap, which just happened to be true. Lucky guess I suppose (sarcasm).
9. The amount of cash in Becky’s thong just happened to be exactly $500.
10. After buying the document, Becky had no cash to pay for her Motel room, but the Motel manager had to tell Josh that the mysterious man from the parking lot already paid for the room earlier that morning.

The odds of Becky ending up at this shitty motel on that exact night was approximately 4%

The odds of any one of these happening are low. The odds of them all happening in order is astronomical. Think about it. How in the world did Josh Anderson and his girlfriend Becky end up at a motel where a guy was selling a priceless artifact out of a dumpster for the exact amount of money that Becky had stuffed in her thong? One of Josh’s friends is a world renowned mathemetician, and he said the odds of this happening was about 0.00008%. That’s crazy. How could anyone think it all happened by chance? It is obvious Josh Anderson gained possession of this priceless artifact through the miraculous power of his seer-stone.

The dumpster where the document was found

The images below represent a small sample of the collection

Josh is currently working on a full translation of the entire collection! The translation will take time because of the recent persecution he has suffered and the need to keep the artifacts hiden. His preliminary analysis shows this is a genuine ancient American document, written sometime after the great Nephite/Lamanite war. Josh is anxious to discover the author. 

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