Scientists Confirm Book of Zelph is True!!

One of the most frequent questions I get from fans of the Book of Zelph is if scientific evidence proves the book is true.

I have always wanted to submit the book for scientific analysis, but we all know scientists cannot be trusted to tell the truth. I would only submit it to someone I could trust.

The great news is that day has come. My girlfriend Becky knows a guy who is a scientist. I asked her to ask him if he could analyze the Book of Zelph and the leather plates. He agreed!

A few days ago I sent him a copy of the Book of Zelph, a piece of leather from the leather plates, and a sample of the reformed Asian characters which I drew on a piece of paper.

I called him today and was told that his rigorous testing confirmed the ancient origins of the Book of Zelph. Not only were the characters verified to be of ancient Indian origin with some Asian influence, but the leather was carbon-dated to around 400 A.D.!! Although anyone can prove for themselves the Book of Zelph is true through Melph’s promise, this confirmation from a world-renowned scientist should finally silence the critics. The truth will always prevail.

While on the phone with the scientist, he asked me where I found the ancient leather plates. I told him the story and requested that these findings be published in a scientific paper for the world to see. He said he would get back to me!!!

I will keep everyone updated on this incredible development. Prepare your non-believing friends for the publication of scientific research proving the Book of Zelph is true. Soon we can all sit back and laugh at their humiliation.

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