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It was a gruesome crime scene. His beloved father was beheaded, and the prime suspect was his best friend, Nephi. Will justice be served? Will he avenge the murder of his father? Join Laban the younger on an epic journey from Jerusalem to the American continent in search of Nephi the murderer. The Book of Zelph is the world’s most true book. It is the real-life story of the founding of America from the perspective of the Lamanites, the principal ancestors of the Native Americans.

I told my friends that The Book of Zelph was a really good book and they should read it.
- Josh Anderson

Who Was Zelph?
Perhaps the greatest person in American history was Zelph, the great white Lamanite warrior. He was slain during the last great struggle between the Nephites and Lamanites, but not before he documented the lives and teachings of Laban the younger, the son of Abitch, the Asian whores, and his father, Dances with Cureloms. His remains were discovered by Joseph Smith and company in 1834, but not much was known about him. He has remained a cult hero among faithful latter-day saints for nearly 180 years. Until now, Zelph’s memory was kept alive through fantastic urban legends told around campfires and in early morning seminary. These tales can finally be put to rest, because Zelph can now speak for himself. Zelph fans rejoice, for Zelph’s records have been discovered!! We can now read Zelph’s own words, written by his own hand, upon plates!!

The Coming Forth of The Book of Zelph
While pondering certain passages in The History of the Church, Volume 2, Josh Anderson came upon a passage that mentioned a great, white, Lamanite warrior named Zelph. This seemingly insignificant event would lead him on a journey to Zelph’s final resting place. It was there, in a grove of trees, that Josh would come across the greatest archeological find since Joseph Smith purchased Abraham’s writings from Michael Chandler. Josh was led to a handcart overflowing with metal plates, which were the Lamanite records. He translated the abridgment of these plates, given to him by Zelph, into the Book of Zelph. For the entire story of the coming forth of the Book of Zelph, read Josh Anderson’s testimony in the beginning of the book.

Mormon DNA

A Timely Discovery
As archeological and DNA evidence appear to disprove the Book of Mormon, the Book of Zelph has come forward as a second witness to The Book of Mormon. The Book of Zelph fills in the scientific gaps of the Book of Mormon and explains the DNA controversy.

A Message from the Translator of This Work
Thank you for taking the time to read about Zelph. Now that you have learned a little bit about Zelph, don’t you want to learn more? I encourage you to take the next step and read the Book of Zelph, and then ask yourself if it really is true. If you read it and don’t think it is true, re-read it and ask yourself again if you think it is true. If you still don’t think it is true, find some dice and try Melph’s promise of rolling the dice and getting a 7, as outlined in the final chapter of The Book of Zelph. In fact, you don’t even need to read the book to test Melph’s promise. I promise you that if you do the things I tell you, you will eventually discover for yourself that the Book of Zelph is true.


Josh Anderson – Translator of The Book of Zelph



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“This book changed my life. It might possibly be the greatest book ever written. Nobody will convince me that my idiot friend Josh Anderson wrote this all by himself. It was the stone.”

- Martin Banks

I must say, as a world renowned scientist The Book of Zelph rings true to me. It fits perfectly with what we know about ancient America, and there is no way someone without an advanced degree could have produced such an impressive work. The only explanation is Josh Anderson translated this authenticate book about real history through the power of his seer stone.

- World renowned scientist
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